Free Xbox Live Gold Codes Generator

February 3, 2015

xbox live freeThat ones looks for free xbox live gold codes is a reason enough to describe the popularity of xbox gaming console.  Since xbox 360 was introduced, it has set all new standards in the video gaming industry. Now that so many people play games at this wonderful console and we being one of the best providers for free stuff, we have been getting many requests for providing free xbox live codes to our users.

I am sure most of you know what these codes and and what are they used for. For informational purposes: Xbox codes are a set of characters that you can use to obtain xbox live membership on xbox website so that you can access online gaming community and download stuff from xbox market place.

We have been working on this project for a while, looking for ways either get sufficient supply of working codes or a way to patch the xbox server for code validation. After about 3 weeks of thinking and tweaking the we could make the second method work. Now you can use our xbox live code generator to get the codes for free. The generator is still in beta testing phasing so we will obviously be needing feedback from our users for bugs and other malfunctions it might do. But if our opinion is to believe, you can get a free xbox live codes within 3 minutes most as of now.

The codes that we provide for free and not the trial codes but they are real codes for validity ranging from 1 month to 12 months.  The xbox live code membership is first generated locally on our server and that encrypted and sent to the xbox server with a patch. Lets not be too geeky about this now.

You jut have to click a few buttons to claim you code. That is it.