Free iTunes gift Card codes Generator

February 3, 2015

itunescodeIf you own an iphone, ipad, ipod or any other apple device, you must be very familier with itunes. iTunes is apple’s own app store much like google play store but older than it. You can get all kinds of apps and games for your apple device from it. Some games and apps are free and other are paid ones. You have to have a payment method added to the itunes store in order to be able to purchase the paid items. You can use your credit/debit card or you can redeem an itunes gift card.

You can get free itunes codes from our website and then later redeem them on itunes store. Each itunes gift card code comes with a specific credit which applies to your itunes account once you redeem it.  The generator that we have devised using a complex algorithm to determine the hashes of the valid itunes gift card codes and use them to bind it with different numerals and hence we are able to generate working codes for your visitors.

The current script binds hashes with a 79% accuracy which means you are most likely to get a working code in first or second attempt. We are trying our best to improve the accuracy of our itunes code generator and we will let you know when we make it.

You just have to follow simple on screen instruction to get your free itunes  gift card code.

Nothing in this world is perfect so if the code you get doesn’t work or you come across any bug in our generator script, please feel free to drop us a line about it and we will be very happy to respond back and correct the issue for you.

Best of luck